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Early 2000's after the initial online bubble burst Web 2.0 was in full swing and fresh out of school with an Economics degree from UCONN I was ready to jump right in. While living in San Francisco I learned about Search Engine Optimization and offered my knowledge as a consultant to help medium sized business maximize their oganic search traffic.

I soon discovered paid marketing and with a background in analytics soon switched to Search Enginge Marketing. Paid Online Advertising allowed for instant results and the ability to make changes to improve performance in real time.

Stumbling on an article about Affiliate Marketing I decided to sign up with a few programs to try and use my online marketing experience to generate comissions. As more networks like Facebook alloweed for Pay Per Click self serve platforms I became one of the top affiliates in the industry. I was asked to speak and present all over the world on the topic.

Smart phone adoption was at about 50% when I decided to start a Mobile Analytics and Ad Network. I spent years developing a platform to track mobile marketing analytics and grew an affiliate base to driver performance based camapaigns for our clients.

In 2013 my company MobAff was acquired by a marketing company out of Israel. I was asked to join and lead the NYC office as the Director of Mobile Marketing during the transition.

After my non compete was up I decided to join and invest in an Ad Tech firm using machine learning to optimize ad performance in real time. We were a little late in the game so an exit wasn't feasible.

I also dabbled in lead generation for the solar industry. It was my belief that solar adoption in the USA was a no brainer. However, I soon discovered that the industry was plagued with beuracracy and lobying that was causing huge solar companies to fold. I decided to try something else.

Shopify was just getting going and Direct to Consumer eCommerce seemed like a great next challenge. My business partner and I decided to travel to China to source products we thought would do well here in the USA. We were able to grow to $10mm in sales within our second year in 2018.

Currently I'm available for consulting or to join interesting projects who's goal is to create a sustainable conscious business. If you think my experience would benefit your project please reach out.

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