Money is just another tool.

It has no intrinsic value beyong what we humans percieve it to have.

My dog has no use for money.


My Relationship to Money

I've had a very strange relationship to money ever since I moved to the United States from Russia. Maybe it was just the age (8) when I arrived or maybe it was because I came from a Communist country, but suddenly money started to play a vital role in my happiness.

To this day I struggle with the desire for more money. The insidious thing about money is the more you want the more you need.

I used to think $100,000 was all anyone needed. I made well over that the past year working about 20 hours a week, and still never felt like I had enough.

Traveling through Asia where things were litterally 1/5 the cost of the US, I was more stingy than EVER before because price differences were so rampant. You can eat the same food from a street vendor for $1 US or go to a fancy white tablecloth restuarant and eat the same meal for $20 US - WTF a 200% increase in price...


How Price is Determined

Simply put, it is whatever you are willing to pay.


How to Become a Millionnaire in 1 Year

Save $30,000 US and move to Thailand.


$5,000,000 Entreprenuer

Want to sell company for at least $5,000,000 by 30 years of age... just to say I did it.

How I started:

Select high growth sector mobile.

Looked at current assets, relationships, and experience.

Result is a mobile CPA network focused on training and tracking.



Sold MobAff to Matomy group. Didn't hit my goal from above, but did hit a lot of the other milestones I set out including starting a company from scratch and taking it to market and succesfully going through an acquisition process.

What was interesting is how my life changed once I made the money. I was really expecting that having money in the bank was going to alter how I behave and treat money. Of course like most people who work hard and finally succeed you celebrate sometimes to excess.

The really interesting thing was how little I changed as a person. I still didn't feel that sense of accomplishment I was looking for, and having money altered little in my spending habits or how I treated those around me (of course if you're a friend and disagree let me know)

As my relationship to money has changed I feel a little lost. Without making money as the main driver for my activity and ambition I've had to seek out other purpose driven lifestyles that will occupy my time and give me a direction.

Right now I'm toying with consulting and helping startups get off the ground, especially in the performance space I know. Another is saying fuck it all and trying to make it as an artist ;)