How to Use This Site

The point of this site is to try and create a new "style" of writing. Unlike a book the content here is non linear. Unlike a typical website the content is not categories and segmented for easy navigation. There isn't a point or a finish. Just start reading and enjoy the process of discovery. Bookmark and share anything you like. Feel free to rip any content as I know I'm going to be doing it blatantly myslef.

Step 1

Figure out how to leave this page without hitting the back button or changing the url. Hint: It's something on this page.




































So you think maybe there's a link at the bottom of the page





























Why not find out just keep scrolling




















































I wonder if there's an easy way to skip to the bottom of the page.


















Give up yet?











































I promise you there is nothing below this page. Start over





































Why are you still scrolling.




































How precious is your time why are you doing this to yourself.






















Ok you're almost there how shitty will you feel if theres nothing there?




















































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