What is time? Does it exist in nature. I watched a documentary once that blew my mind. It was called Dealing With Time by Xavier Marquis you can read about it IMDB

Like all man made things time is just a tool that was created by us. Time is a weird thing but it is not as linear as we think. For example someone in space is ages slower than someone on earth. Right now I'm in Australia and feel like I exist in the future when I talk to my family and friends back in the states.

Have you heard about a tribe called Piraha where there's actually no words to describe time. In their reality there is no such thing as today and tomorrow or now and later. Time is just a cyclical thing that acts like tides it just comes and goes.

High level people all seem to agree time is moving quicker. It was a common belief that it is part of aging process, but I feel that there are many other factors, the main being the speed at which technological process is evolving.