Ever wonder how people wipe their asses after going #2 around the globe? Here's my experience so far.


I lived on a farm. The shitter was outside and was made out of wood and looked like a porta-pottie. You used newspapers to wipe your ass. Every few months someone would have to go and clean out the shit and newspapers.


Bedit prounounced biday looks like a second toilet but with a waterfountain attached to it. Whatever you do, do not drink from it. It's used to clean yourself after you've done your business. It's funny because I wish we had them in the US since I find myself showering everytime I shit.

Thailand and China

Squatters. These are hilarious. They are basically holes with foot pads on either side. Since I have bad knees and can't do the asian squat I totally fail at these.


Apparenly the toilets are super advanced. They include heated seats and a spout that prodrudes from the inside rim of the toilet to clean you. Litterally just sit down do your business in comfort hit a switch and you will feel like a new man/woman again.































































































































































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